Prey: Mooncrash
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Worked on the dome, supporting structural legs. Bulk of work in this area was done by Fred Nolting, Will Hewitt, and Jennica Derksen. My primary focus was on Crew Annex as an environment artist, works shown below.

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Prey: Mooncrash

All screen grabs from in-game render. Go check out the DLC!:
Various artists at Arkane Studios worked on assets.

My primary focus was on Crew Annex as an environment artist. I worked on cleaning up custom meshes, textures & materials, new custom props and old prop reskins. I also assisted in environmental VFX, including the dome internal and external, attachment screens, and the basketball hoop (not shown).

Special shout out and thanks to Jennica Derksen, Francisco Cruz III, Karen Segars, and Bobby Ross for architecture integration. Crater's principle artist was Fred Nolting. Lighting by Jim Magill.

More artwork
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